Our Approach

We all at UpShot Archery Media try to represent the youth, male & females. We plan on being a brand that everyone can count on, a brand that everyone feels a part of, a brand that seems like it's YOU.

Our Story

I came up with the idea of creating a podcast/brand for the youth after listening to other podcasts for many years and realizing that the youth fell short when topics are spoke on in archery. Many pros feel like the youth are entitled, which can be true, but what about the hard working ones? Many businesses feel that their company will drop if they focus on the youth. So why wouldn't I be the one to step up are at least try. Even if I fail, I can fail knowing that I tried to be the outlet for the youth in archery. Maybe it will give someone else the courage to stand up for the "future of archery".

Meet the Team

Just starting out, it isn't a big team but one that hopefully you will learn to know as we grow each day.


Jayde Alderman

Founder & CEO

I have been shooting archery since I was 7 years old. I love to be doing anything archery related, even if it is considered a "job" to some.


Kyle Alderman

Caddy & Manager

So helpful with the carrying of anything the team needs. LOL


Nicole Alderman

Design Team

Always the first one to lend a helping hand in the creative design of the products.

Next Steps...

Check out our podcasts.